What's Coupley?

Coupley is an online private journal and life-tracker for couples. There's a journal, for keeping up with what you do every day. Trips and dates get their own pages, so it's easy to go back and remember what you did for that 2nd anniversary.

Accept Convenient journaling.

It's hard to remember to pack a book around, so it gets left behind when you need it most (like that 3-week tropical vacation).

We feel your pain. So we built Coupley as a web application. It's easy to use, and you can get to it anywhere there's the internet.

Accept Easily find your best memories.

Normally, your day-to-day memories get mixed in with the special ones. And once that journal is buried in the attic, you'll never see it again.

Yep, we got you covered. Trips and dates have special sections, so you can find them easily. And it's simple to see all the journal entries you made on a trip.


Dear diary...

Write journal entries, keep track of dates and trips, send love notes -- Coupley makes it easy and convenient.


Remember Paris?

Trips are tracked separately, so you can easily go back and see where you stayed, and all the journal entries you made while you were there.



Never run out of paper or space. Your memories will always be accessible and organized, not hidden in the attic.